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Serious Hang Time — No Kidding!

Basketball Hang Time
I did a search on the internet for the words ‘hang time.’ Amazingly, it yielded meanings I would never have considered. The search produced the definition, “the time it takes for a paper airplane to come back down after being thrown in the air.” Another read, “the amount of hair left ‘hanging’ off the scalp after a cornrow.” Most noteworthy, the famed use of the term would be “the amount of time a person floats in the air,” especially related to sports. Remembering Michael Jordan’s most famous dunk, it is not a surprise to know that his longest hang time recorded is 0.92 seconds.1

A New Hang Time Meaning

Would you be willing to consider another more serious meaning of “hang time”? I honestly believe that such players in a more remarkable occupation record in the hours. Not in seconds, but they record hours a day several inches above the ground. How often do we consider the amount of time such workers in the moving and installation industry spend in the air? Nevertheless, many businesses benefit from having the right skilled installer. Corporate and small businesses, and even families moving to new homes, benefit from the placing a picture or a chandelier.

Things We Hang

We at Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc. enjoy the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs. Here are a few hang time projects, things we may hang from time to time:

First of all, we hang Hotel Furniture. Tired from traveling or checking in for a business conference, you enter your hotel room to find the cozy home away from home atmosphere. Just this year one of our projects included the placing of hotel headboards, lights, and TV Stands.

In addition, Blinds. A simple scroll through some of our Facebook post and you will notice the Allen + Roth blinds we installed.2

Most of all, Wall-mounted Office Furniture. Our skilled installers are masters of the task of mounting office furniture. Business after business has become recurring clients because of this specialty.3

Also, Art. One of the most fulfilling projects is that of hanging art. It is always a pleasure to place an extraordinary piece of work in the perfect location. In minutes the room comes to life.hangtimeart

The list of our ‘hang time’ projects can go on and on. We at Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc. would consider it an honor to place your next wall mount or your flat screen TV. Rather, we could place a book rack or an accordion drying rack, or an oversized art piece. Contact us at Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc. Call us at +1 (919) 519-4847 or visit our website Today!


Good Job, City of Medicine!

Durham, City Of Medicine

Durham notoriety as the City of Medicine is by no means a misnomer.

This great city owns the bragging rights as being the “Bull City,” based on the rich history of the manufacturing of Bull Durham Tobacco.  It now flaunts its housing of over 70 business headquarters, including IBM, Cree, and of course, Duke University. Nevertheless, “the City of Medicine” mystique holds the economic key to employment.

Most noteworthy, two of six modern hospitals that lie at the heart of Durham’s reputation are in the top ten of Durham’s largest employers. Duke University & Duke Univ. Health System employing more than 34,863; and Durham VA Medical Center more than 2,162.1

Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc. can testify to the significance that “healthcare has become Durham’s largest employment cluster.”2 Beyond the employees working directly for the hospitals, many individuals also benefit when employed by companies providing services to hospitals. Topshelf has handled many projects for Durham VA Medical.

Efficiency in the City of Medicine

Efficiency is paramount for the processes and structures contributing to the healing and saving of lives. The placing of whiteboards for nurses, the installation of office spaces and exam rooms, the transfer of items from warehouse to hospital labs, or simply the adjustment of a patient’s chair, are critical aspects of medical center work life.

Especially relevant, we are proud to be a Durham installation and moving company, participating in the work of saving lives, caring for the many veterans who have given their all for our country. We also delight in our contribution to employment to Durham citizens, providing jobs to the City of Medicine. Good jobs!

So, are you moving to or from Durham County or in need of office installation and assembly? Are you looking for a good job? Contact us at Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc. Call or visit our website Today!

1“Economic Profile – Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce | Large Employers/Manufacturers and Headquarters”.  Retrieved 2016-09-14. 
2“City of Medicine – Durham North Carolina Newcomers”, Retrieved 2016-09-14.

Unsung Heroes of the Durham Innovation District and Beyond

Durham Innovation District

As recent as July 14, 2016, The News & Observer heralded the unveiling of plans for two seven-story buildings to be built downtown as part of the continued development of the Durham Innovation District. Several elements of the article captivated my attention; items that were present in the material and items that were not.

Durham Innovation District

Naturally, the article image (above, Courtesy of Duda Paine Architects), rendering the two new buildings to be named North and South and capturing the beauty of the anticipated landscape, enticed my gaze. What also intrigued my thoughts was how the post skillfully included various “making it happen” contributors, those who might be considered the “heroes” of development. In addition to Duda Paine Architects, the post included Longfellow Real Estate Partners, Measurement Inc., and Duke University. As a lessee of the new development, the article also announced Duke Clinical Research Institute. With appreciation for their contribution–and rightly so they should receive recognition–I paused.

So what elements, not included, beg for attention? Amazingly, that which the article mentions inspires a beyond the surface exploration. Look through the windows of the two office buildings. See rooms, technology space, the retail businesses, the restaurants. Did you see it? Yes, imagine the employers, employees, managers, store owners, waiters, and waitresses, and chefs diligently engaged in service in their varied workspaces. Yes, workspaces! How did those workspaces come about?

Looking Beyond

Thinking of such construction projects, we may expectedly picture the abled excavators, electricians, and plumbers, as well as those contractors handling the framing, priming, and painting. After the laying of the carpet, and perhaps while completing the landscaping, the work of the unsung heroes must take place to make the project usable. Yes, the work of the workspace movers and installers.

Top Shelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc., owned by Angelo McEachin, of Durham, NC, is one such company. It exists “to provide, through installation, moving, and general maintenance services, the perfect workspace for businesses in the hospitality, commercial and residential markets.”1 Moreover, while providing this essential service to the incoming lessees, the moving and installation industry assist in providing employment for The Bull City, even for those needing a second chance at life.

The line of products may carry the name Steelcase, Herman Mills, Knoll, Teknion, National Office Furniture, or Hon. Whatever the product, whoever the lessee, while applauding the movers and the shakers, we must sing a song in concert with the words, “Let the work begin!” Let us sing a song of gratitude for an industry that will faithfully serve as this development project closer. Let us applaud the movers and the installers serving Durham, the Triangle, and beyond.

1McEachin, Angelo. July 14, 2016,