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Unhealthy Office Environment

Are you working in an old, unhealthy office environment? It is not to say that paper and boxes are scattered all over your floor.  Your calculator may not be buried somewhere on your desk.  It is not that last Friday’s plastic lunch tray is still in the garbage can.  It may simply be that the workplace is changing.  There’s a new way of doing things.

Join E.A.S.P.D. – Employees Against Standard, Plain, and Dull

First of all, Ed Bonner, speaking of the Staples Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index, shares, “the majority of respondents describe their office as standard, plain, and dull.”  Wow!  Talk about diminishing employee morale. Think about it.  Have you ever tried to get work done when your computer was five years old?  Simply can’t get much done.  Your business offices may be more than outdated.  They may be unhealthy as well.

Stand up!  Don’t take ergonomic issues sitting down.

Did you ever see the commercial about standing up while working?  Sure it looks like just the new wave.  However, does it have any basis for improving health?  Ergonomics is real.  It is important to coordinate “the design of … physical working conditions with the capacities and requirements of the worker.”

Furthermore, consider the height of your chair.  Is it at the proper height?  Sitting and typing on the computer all day can impact us just as bad as a tennis player getting tennis elbow.  Work can be more than a pain in the neck.  “While you might not think of it, sitting down all day can be a very stressful position to maintain, especially on your joints like those in your back and knees.”

It’s Time to Get Smart

Consequently, employers are going to have to get smart.  It is time to develop a new strategy for productivity.  They will have to do more than drive employees to work harder.  It is important to provide an environment where employees can work smarter.  Schools are taking notice!  “Scientists have discovered using standing desks can improve the cognitive function of children by between seven and 14 per cent.”

Out with the Outdated and Unhealthy Office Environment

It is not about being “with it.”  It is more about productivity. It is time to get healthy! Let’s get smart! Let’s strategically update our work environments.