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O Come Let Us, Core Values

O Come Let Us Adore Him is a song phrase, among many, that traditionally adorns the Holiday season. The melodies are playing throughout the stores. Yet, many are busily seeking to get the best deal on a big screen TV or the perfect gift for the Mrs. Do these ballads hold deeper meanings for business owners like Angelo McEachin?1

O Come Let Us Consider A Few Songs

In keeping with the season and reflecting upon the entrepreneurial core values of Top Shelf Installerz, Inc., ponder a few Christmas Carol ideas2:

  • Ambition – an earnest desire for distinctive service: The Twelve Days of Christmas (True love in action)
  • Professional -acting in accordance with the profession: Frosty the Snowman (Dressed for success)
  • Original – authentic and true: Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey (Authentically Italian)
  • Collaborate – Work with and not against: Go Tell It on The Mountain (The Shepherd Working Together)
  • Community – Esteeming Others: O Little Town of Bethlehem (Small city, significant results)
  • Altruistic – charitable and benevolent: Joy to the World (The greatest gift was given)

Let Us Reflect

The end of the year or any cyclic completion proves to be very beneficial. The closing of a period affords the sole proprietors or department managers three cognitive events: reflection, celebration, and preparation. First of all, in reflection, we may ask, where did we succeed and where did we fail? Did we reach our goals?

It may become apparent to the business manager that the strategies did not quite match the objective. Also, we may need to celebrate that the intended net profit margin exceeded expectation.

Let Us Celebrate

It never hurts to celebrate! Most noteworthy, workplace celebration3 affords a time for recognition. Such recognition enhances a sense of team unity, and serves to build morale and motivation. Somewhere I remember the phrase, “Let’s get our work done; then we go play!” Consequently, these words provide the impetus to work hard knowing that a reward awaits.

Let Us Prepare

Especially relevant, with any cyclic processes, preparation is the best follow-up act for celebration. When spirits are high, teams have been motivated, and morale has been built, the planning senses are potent with success ideology. Now is the time, using the notes taken during reflection and the latest technology, paradigms, and best of breed system, prepare for 2017 successes.

O Come Let Us Adore Him

In conclusion, the song phrase, taken from the hymn, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, has a much deeper meaning than just a holiday ditty. The lyrics speak of One that made and makes all things happen. Deliverance is herald! Peace is characterized. Joy overflows. Salvation is available. Though the material advertisements threaten to lull our minds, let us reflect on the real reason for the season. Let us celebrate the Babe born in Bethlehem. Let us prepare our hearts for His entrance. O Come! Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord.

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