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Has the Time Come?

Has the Time Come?
Just as it pierced my soul upon reading the following quote by Martin Luther King, Jr, I ask you, Has the time Come?

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

Read it! Read it again. Now listen. Listen quietly and hear a still small voice assisting your conscience, sharpening your moral aptitude. I cannot and do not need to know; the voice speaks only to you. “Patience!” Do not let the silence hurry you. It is the rush that robs us from the beauty of Divine counsel. He begs you, “Take a stand.”

It’s Not Safe

No! Hush the one who would threaten with fear. That it is right, you are so certain. Together, right and certainty, with courage, forms a cord with which to bind “now” to the action that is needed. The essence calls for you to ignore safety. Herald responsibility and accountability instead. He whispers, “Be strong.”

It’s Not Politic

Since when has an expedient warning come with dignity and tactfulness. “Cry aloud” supersedes poise. How quickly the moment can pass. The minutes wasted. The never returning seconds disappear like a vapor. Alas, those hanging in the balance might perish. He implores you, “Act!”

It’s Not Popular

Is not popularity fleeting? Rather, those who stand alone are those who stand tall. Even still, many more hesitant than you delight in your courage. Yes, they even are encouraged. Another voice is needed. Will we wait for one more year? Will we simply recall the former words? He commands us, “Stand Alone!”

Has The Time Come?

Be it the rehearsing of the quote of Martin Luther King, Jr. or the still small voice of the Spirit, hear now and take a position.


Proving Lives Matter

Lives Matter, Empowered, Dignified, Independent

Proving Lives Matter One Project at a Time

Whether the terms inspire you or offend you, the country is experiencing a division regarding the terms “Black Lives Matter” versus “All Lives Matter.” Many raise questions about the intention of the user of either term. Is anybody listening to the voices of the community? There are some who are listening; they are acting with sincere intention.

There are entrepreneurs in the community, though not as visible or verbal, who prove every day that lives matter. The often overlooked small business such as staffing companies or moving and installation companies are in the trenches supporting the community through the altruistic avenue of employment. If there is ever a way to prove that lives matter, it is to hire somebody.

Consider Jason, the day he receives his first paycheck! See him walking into the credit union to make the deposit with a pleasing smile on his face and his head slightly tilted in the “I earned this” position; the thrill of independence is all too noticeable. Day after day, he gains confidence as his work ethic and acumen in his position increase.

One community-minded entrepreneur, Angelo McEachin, owner of Topshelf Installerz and Moverz, Inc., a moving and installation company, is listening. “We take pride in our furniture technicians being courteous and well-dressed and trained to handle projects in a professional way,” he says. “The belief is that a win-win opportunity exists when our workers experience achievements that reward persistence or when the community benefits when our business is involved in a community volunteer project.”1 Such entrepreneurs are making a difference every day, project by project, in the lives of people like Jason.

The act of protest is an instrument of change; a means of bringing to the front a voice that has not yet been heard. Employment is also a tool of change; a method of creating within the heart of despair a pulse of dignity, a sense that “my life matters.”

1McEachin, Angelo. July 14, 2016, http://www.topshelfinstallerz.com/aboutus/our-purpose/