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Old Our History and Leadership


Opportunity knocked and Angelo, the owner and incorporator of Top Shelf Installerz, Inc., opened the door.  As the thought of owning his own business was loosely moving about in his head, he states “I was approached by someone with the possibilities of some long term work” that would serve as a good launching pad for a business, similar to that of a mother bird pushing its chicks out of the nest.  Top Shelf took flight, with the guidance of some consulting and the hiring of some workers.  Though the contract did not meet the expectation of a long term endeavor, there was no turning back.  With hard work, “beating the streets and giving out business cards”, literally doing the foot work, Top Shelf has become a viable entity providing the services of furniture installation, assembly, and moving.

Angelo McEachin

Angelo McEachin’s entrepreneurial spirit is not without education and experience.  Though moving away from the childhood aspirations associated with airplanes, while attending St. Augustine College, Raleigh, NC, he would pursue a degree in Business Administration.  His moving and installing experience would begin with temporary work at Manpower, 10 years of work with Alfred Williams, some work with Lowe’s Home Improvement, as well as other contract jobs.

He would go on to strengthen his business acumen as an artist in the music industry, an experience that gave rise to his self-identity of one who loves interacting with people.   Fondly expressed, his relationships with “God, his Wife, his mom and grandmother provided the foundational teaching of how to treat people.  Of tough love, he would learn from his Grandfather.